Handmade Beeswax Candles 8" tall

Handmade Beeswax Candles 8" tall

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Handmade Beeswax Candles in Mixed Colours

Individually handmade Beeswax Candles. Set of 2 Candles, one in red, one in green.


With three beeswax crafted roses and spiral decor.


With Ribbon Bow, Decorative Bee and spiral decor.

Each candle is individually wrapped with ribbon decoration.

Each Candle is Approx 8" high, with cotton wicks.  2" diameter, approx.

Handcrafted by 'Honeypotts Gifts and Candles'

These Beeswax Candles are slow to burn, and will not drip when placed in a draught-free room. 

Dim the lighting to see a 'Halo Glow' around the flame.

No added scent, only fragrance will come from the Natural Beeswax when the candle is lit.

Candle colours as shown in the photographs.

If you require candles in other colours, please send an email with your enquiry.  Candles available for weddings - just ask us at Honeypotts for details.

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