About Us

About Us

Welcome to Honeypotts

More people are keeping honeybees in their back garden with successful results, and the rewards are in watching the bees and enjoying honey produced from their own hives.

At Honeypotts we strive to obtain good quality beekeeping equipment which provides good value for beekeepers.  Goods are dispatched in new boxes and packaging and we can offer a quick turn around on delivery times.  Our packaging materials are mainly recycled products, some are bio-degradable and we endeavour to use minimum amount of packaging when sending parcels to customers, each parcel is packed with contents securely protected and promptly sent.  If you have any questions regarding delivery or multiple purchases, please send your questions to:  info@honeypotts.co.uk    Customers outside of UK Mainland postcode areas, please enquire for carriage cost before ordering.

Our range of equipment offered for sale is always being increased, so if you require anything which is not listed please enquire by sending an e-mail to us at:  sales@honeypotts.co.uk

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you come back again soon to see more bargains.