Scented Lavender Pillow - pack of 2

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Scented Lavender Pillows from Honeypotts Crafts

At Honeypotts we enjoy the outdoor life of beekeeping and the countryside, so we have introduced a new range of products to include these Lavender Scented Pillows; bringing the enjoyment of the outdoor life inside.


Scented Lavender Pillows - individually handmade and filled with English Lavender.  Each Pillow is hand sewn so will have its unique hand crafted appearance.  English Lavender gives a soft fragrance of Lavender flowers, hang these pillows in your wardrobe to release a soft Lavender fragrance or place in a drawer.  Can also be hung in a room as a decoration or hang in a cloakroom where the fragrance will be released.

Pillows are made from natural jute fabric and hand embroidered with cotton or satin backing material.  Each pillow measures 10cm across (approx).

Two Pillows will be sent for each order, photos show examples.


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