Honey Extractor Set

Honey Extractor Set

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Honey Extractor Set

This package includes the following items:

1 x Unimel Stainless Steel Three-Frame Extractor -Tangential Manual Extractor.  Will take all frame sizes EXCEPT 14" x 12", Dadant Deep, Langstroth Jumbo and Commercial Deep (16" x 10").  Manual operation with stainless steel cage.  Split two part plastic lid.  Legs raise the extractor 195mm from the floor.  Legs require assembly onto the extractor, fittings included.

1 x Stainless Steel Sieve - Double strainer with adjustable arms.  240mm diameter.  Extended arms open to 420mm.  Coarse mesh aperature of 1.5mm, fine is 0.5mm.  Depth of top strainer is approx 40mm.

1 x Uncapping Fork - With red plastic handle and stainless steel prongs.

1 x Broad Uncapping Knife - 420mm long and 45mm wide.  Serrated on one edge and plain honed on the other.  Curved tip.  Riveted wooden handle.

1 x 20lt Honey Settling Bucket with Honey Valve - Food grade quality bucket with metal handle, plastic hand grip.  Lid.  Honey Gate Valve.

2 x 10lt Honey Storage Bucket - Food grade quality bucket with metal handle, plastic hand grip.  Lid.

1 x Uncapping Bar - Holds frame in place over a bucket whilst uncapping the honey.

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