Natural Honey - Straight from the Hive

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Honeypotts Honey - Natural Honey straight from the Hive

Here at Honeypotts our Honey Bees work hard to make each jar of Honey.

It is thought a Honey Bee would need to fly the equivalent of six times around the Equator to collect enough nectar to produce 1kg of honey.  Here at Honeypotts our bees collect Nectar from local flowers which are near to their hives from which they make delicious honey for you to enjoy.

Honeypotts Honey comes from wildflowers, hedgerows and gardens across the countryside where our bees forage.  Using a cold extraction process the raw honey comes straight from the hive into each jar, keeping all the natural goodness; enzymes and proteins that make our honey special. 

Every jar is unique, colour and flavour will vary throughout the season as the honey bees forage on different flowers.

Each jar is a taste of Spring and Summer - with a seasonal dash of Winter forage too.

Each order is for:  2 x 227g Jars AND 2 x 113g Jars

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