Hive Tools

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Hive Tools for Frame Building and Hive Inspections

Choose from our range of hand-held Hive Tools. 

The Claw or 'J' Tool is useful for Hive Inspections - the shape of this tool allows for easy lifting of the frames from the hive.

Standard Tools are useful for Frame Building, also the flat edge is used for cleaning excess wax from the frames.

Select tool(s) from the drop-down box:

Option 1:  Two Polished Steel tools, one with 'Claw', one 'Standard' Tool.

Option 2:  One Polished Steel tools, with 'Claw'.

Option 3:  One Polished Steel tool, 'Standard'.

Option 4:  Two Painted Steel tools, one 'J' Tool, one 'Standard' Tool.

Option 5:  One Painted Steel tool, 'J'.

Option 6:  One Painted Steel tool, 'Standard'.

Option 7:  One Large Polished Steel 'J' Tool.

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