Hive Tool Set

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Hive Tool Sets - use for all Beehives

Choose from our range of Hive Tool Sets using the drop down option menu.

  • Option 1 - TWO PIECE SET.  Traditional Hive Tool with triple riveted wooden handle; use for frame building; with flat-ended scraper; 200 x 45mm.  And tool with wood handle, this tool provides Scraper, nail puller, frame lever and prising blade.  260 x 70mm max.
  • Option 2 - THREE PIECE SET.  Wire Queen Excluder Cleaning Tool with wood handle, 220 x 115mm, and items as listed for Option 1.
  • Option 3 - FIVE PIECE SET.  Tool Grip / Lifter (270mm max) for releasing and lifting frames from the hive, and Frame Cleaning Tool with swan shape neck for removing wax from groves in frames (220mm max).  And items as listed for Option 2.
  • Option 4 - SIX PIECE SET.  Bee Brush with twin row of natural fibre bristles and wood handle.  400mm long. And items as listd for Option 3.
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