Potts Snuggle Board

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Potts Snuggle Board

Tried and tested for use, particularly on National Hives during winter when conditions are damp and wet with mild temperatures.  Hives sit on Hive Stands using open mesh floors which should be left in place above the Potts Snuggle Board to ensure air flow.  Grass should be cut short under the hives but can be left long in the surrounding area.

The Potts Snuggle Board has been thoroughly tested and the results are shown below:


Hives without Potts Snuggle Board:

  1. During winter number of bees reduced dramatically in each hive.
  2. Mould and damp conditions on bottoms of wax frames.
  3. Hive failure.

Hives with Potts Snuggle Board:

  • All hives successful – no failures.
  • Number of bees present consistent.
  • No signs of dampness within the hives.
  • No winter losses of bees.

Remove the Potts Snuggle Board in the spring.

Potts Snuggle Board is environmentally friendly, made from home grown cedar with dry wood shavings for insulation.

Note:  Some photos show the Potts Snuggle Board in position under a hive floor, the floor is not included.

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