Honey Uncapping Tools

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Range of Honey Uncapping Tools

Choice of Uncapping Knives, Uncapping Forks for honey extraction.

Make your selection from the drop-down options:

Option 1 - Cold Uncapping Knife with stainless steel 250mm hollow ground edge blade, extremely sharp.  Blade can be heated in hot water during use to glide through the comb and remove wax.

Option 2 - Broad Uncapping Knife with blade 420mm long x 45mm wide, serrated on one edge an plain honed on other edge and curved tip.  Riveted wooden handle, very strong and sturdy.

Option 3 - Uncapping Fork 210mm long x 70mm wide.  Popular tool which can be used cold, just zig-zag action under the wax to remove cappings for honey extraction.

Option 4 - Serrated Uncapping Knife with sharp stainless steel blade 280mm long x 35mm wide, hollow ground on both sides.  Rivetted wooden handle 110mm long.

Option 5 - Honey Uncapping Fork with wood handle.  Easy to use uncapping fork with metal prongs.

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