Wooden Beehives - Range of Types


Wooden Beehives - Range of Types

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Commercial Hive Flat Pack, complete with Frames & Foundation

Cedar Wood Commercial Hive sold as flat pack.

Option available for hive already assembled, from the drop-down options.

Flat Pack Hive option comprises:  1 x Varroa mesh floor; 1 x entrance block; 1 x Brood Box; 1 x Wire Queen Excluder; 2 x Supers; 1 x Crown Board with 2 x Porter Bee Escapes; 1 x Roof.

Unassembled Frames & Wired Foundation:  11 x (16x10) for Brood Box; 22 x (16x6) for the two Super Boxes.

Plastic Runners for Brood and Super Boxes proved.  Nails provided for assembly.


Additional product information

Part Complete Hive
Construction Flat Pack
HiveType Commercial

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